24 | 09 | 2010

Do You Know Cats?


iKnow Cats - Breed Guide & Quiz Game

iKnow Cats (available on the App Store) is currently featured as “New and Noteworthy” in the US, Canada, Brazil and many other countries!

iKnow Cats - New and Noteworthy

iKnow Cats is a stylish and easy-to-use CAT BREED IDENTIFICATION GUIDE with an integrated QUIZ GAME. Read interesting information and facts about all official cat breeds by the Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe) and learn about many other fascinating breeds; browse more than 300 pictures of cats and kittens; find the perfect cat for you and your family!

More info under iKnowCats.net and in our Portfolio.

P.S. Jeremy Horwitz from iLounge.com published a review of iKnow Cats in his latest article.

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10 | 09 | 2010

iKnow Dogs HD+ Featured


iKnow Dogs HD+
iKnow Dogs HD+ is currently featured as “New and Noteworthy” on the AppStores in United States, Canada and many other countries.

Thank You for downloading iKnow Dogs! We are already working on updates, extra features and other big suprises that you will hear about pretty soon!

Don’t forget to visit iKnowDogs.net website to submit pictures of your favourite dog.

iKnow Dogs HD+ on the AppStore

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23 | 04 | 2010

Custom Horror FREE


CUSTOM HORROR: Monster Museum FREE version is now available on the App Store. Every day David Liwoch creates a new monster that will be delivered to Monster Museum on your iPhone or iPod touch. Simply refresh the first image (with golden frame) and get a new monster suprise! In addition you can watch screen-casts of how some of the monsters have been created.


Available on the App Store

Visit CustomHorror.net to download daily monster as EPS file. All the mosters are FREE for personal use! Enjoy!

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20 | 04 | 2010

Top & Featured Worldwide!


Unser Hundeführer iKnow Dogs schlägt sich recht anständig kann man sagen. Hier also ein paar Erfolgsmeldungen:

#1 TOP PAID APP in Education category in the US and Canada! (13.04-20.04.2010)

Featured by Apple Inc. in “New and Noteworthy“, “What’s Hot” and “Staff Favorites” on App Stores worldwide (United States, Canada, South-Korea, Mexico, Brazil, South-Africa, Qatar, Costa Rica, Germany, Austria, Israel, Peru, Egypt, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Venezuela)!

iKnow Dogs featured worldwide!

Im Moment arbeiten wir gerade an einem Update. Das wird auf jeden Fall eine deutsche Übersetzung enthalten und viele neue Fotos. Mehr dazu schon sehr bald… (In Englisch: We are currently working on the next update! The next update will include german language version and tons of fresh photos!)

Sorry für den Sprachsalat aber das ist zur Zeit die Welt in der wir leben ;)

Flag icons from IconDrawer / Dalmatian photo: Photos8.com

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13 | 04 | 2010

New and Noteworthy


Today iKnow Dogs iPhone app was published in “New and Noteworthy” category on Apple iTunes Stores!
iKnow Dogs is New and Noteworthy!

iKnow Dogs is currently “New and Noteworthy” on iTunes Stores in United States, Canada, Mexico and South Africa.

Thank You for downloading iKnow Dogs! We are already working on updates and and extra features in order to make iKnow Dogs even better!

Don’t forget to visit iKnowDogs.net website to submit pictures of your favourite dog.

Flag icons from IconDrawer

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