23 | 04 | 2010

Custom Horror FREE


CUSTOM HORROR: Monster Museum FREE version is now available on the App Store. Every day David Liwoch creates a new monster that will be delivered to Monster Museum on your iPhone or iPod touch. Simply refresh the first image (with golden frame) and get a new monster suprise! In addition you can watch screen-casts of how some of the monsters have been created.


Available on the App Store

Visit CustomHorror.net to download daily monster as EPS file. All the mosters are FREE for personal use! Enjoy!

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13 | 04 | 2010



Unfortunately one fellow Monster didn’t make it to Free version of CUSTOM HORROR: Monster Museum. It looks like we have to leave Essem out of our colorful iPhone monster gang. She is still available on the web and will remain naked!

CUSTOM HORROR: Monster Museum FREE was Censored

Apple Review Team wrote in their feedback e-mail…
“…content may be considered obscene, pornographic, or defamatory.”

CUSTOM HORROR: Monster Museum full version is still available on the App Store
Custom Horror Website

With CUSTOM HORROR you get monster suprise every day!

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27 | 11 | 2009

Custom Horror: Monster Museum


Custom Horror: Monster Museum

Alphablind Studio and Custom Horror proudly present sneak preview of our upcoming iPhone app Monster Museum. David Liwoch, a man behind Custom Horror project is drawing new monster every day. These monsters will then travel straight to your iPhone where you can browse through the collection of characters archived in the museum. In addition you can watch screencasts how some of the monsters are being created and save the favorite ones to your Photo Library.


Monster: Lovelove

All monsters are protected with Creative Commons licence and are free for personal use. Daily monster is also available as EPS file on Custom Horror website. If you’d like to use the monsters for commercial work, there is a monthly subscription model for businesses.

Custom Horror: Monster Museum application will be soon available on the App Store!

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