12 | 10 | 2010

Windows Phone 7


Coming Soon for Windows Phone 7

“…und Alphablind Studio mit ihren TierfĂĽhrern sind mit coolen Apps dabei.”
via Microsoft.com (Microsoft und Partner präsentieren Windows Phone 7-Smartphones)

Launch day approaching…
We’ll be there, from the start, with 3 apps. iKnow Dogs, iKnow Cats and iKnow Birds will be soon available for Windows Phone 7.

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08 | 10 | 2010

Super-Gero Game


Super-Gero Flash Game for NABU

NABU announced “Bird of the Year 2011″ and it’s Common Redstart.

We created a fun Flash game for NABU where Super-Gero travels to Africa. On the way it meets many friends and enemies. You have to be fast to make it all the way to Africa.

Das Spiel zum Vogel des Jahres 2011 (Play the game Online)

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